Mythic Detroit

Property of the Warlord of Detroit

Ivan decided to modify the Covenant according to the wishes of his soldales. So, setting up the building as living quarters and lab spaces only took seven days. Afterward the Magi settled in to begin what they had determined would be their first projects, copying their spells into books so that the library could house them.

However, it wasn’t long before someone came looking for the drugs the Covenant had destroyed their first night in Detroit. Fifteen cars full of people were spotted speeding across the bridge, toward the island. Most of the cars were identified as stolen. Many of them were covered in graffiti. The decision was made that the cars contained an unsavory crowd and the Covenant’s defense force began shooting at the speeding vehicles. The people in the vehicles returned fire, but many of them were stopped on the bridge. Those cars that made it across were stopped in the driveway up to the Covenant by Ivan who stood alone against the intruders. The soldiers withdrew, as instructed, to let the magus deal with the problem. Ivan turned the roadway into a field of sharp stone spikes that burst the tires of the cars and halted their advance. The people in the cars got out and continued shooting to no avail as the bullets were repelled by Ivan’s Metal Antipathy spell. Ivan cast another spell, causing a magnetic field in the ground below them that made their guns unwieldable and dragged many of them to the ground. At this point a skinny man dressed in tight pants and a Micheal-Jackson-Thriller jacket exited a car that had stopped short of Ivan’s trap. He announced that he wanted his drugs to which Ivan replied that he should leave now or face dire consequences. The man then went on about how he owned everything in the city and that he was the Warlord of Detroit. Ivan then cast a spell attempting to break the man’s arms. The man doubled over in pain and was promptly pushed back into his vehicle. The vehicle took off across the bridge, and the Warlord of Detroit escaped. As the Magi began to contemplating cleaning up this mess, the DPD showed up. One of the soldiers flashed a fake FBI badge and the lead officer bought the story. The city cleaned up the mess and towed the crippled fleet of vehicles.

Afterward, Ivan went out on the town, while Moonpie flew over the island on surveillance. Moonpie spotted the ghost woman again and flew in to investigate. She journeyed into the woods until the ghost ceased to appear, at which point, Moonpie discovered two goblins talking in the woods. She returned to the Covenant and, after some persuasion, convinced Miguel, Preston, Boris and two soldiers to accompany her to the spot she had discovered the goblins. When they got there, the goblins were gone, but when they tried to proceed deeper into the woods, two goblins appeared out of no-where and attacked the group. The goblins were severely outmatched, falling easily to the group. They continued deeper into the woods until they came to the clearing where Moonpie had encountered the goblins eight nights previous. This time there were four goblins accompanied by a larger red goblin. The red goblin held a stick planted in the ground that looked to be forcing the ghost woman toward it. The soldiers fired killing two goblins and Boris rushed the red goblin, trying to snatch the staff from the red goblin. The red goblin moved swiftly, pulling the staff out of Boris’s reach and suddenly disappeared. The soldiers dispatched the other two goblins. At this point Preston cast a spell to compel the spirit of the dead goblin to speak to them. They discovered that the red goblin was the Nain Rouge and that he was using the staff to try and trap the ghost woman and use her energy for a purpose having to do with Wendigo, at the behest of a mysterious council. They then used a similar technique to question the ghost woman. She revealed that she has some sort of connection to the daughter of Sleeping Bear, but specifics were hard to pin point as the spirit was wrapped to tightly in her own grief and turmoil. Lastly the group attempted to contact Sleeping Bear’s daughter directly, but were unable to establish communication.



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