The Forsaken City


There is power here. The rocks remember visions of a sleeping bear. The wind whistles songs sung by fading empires. The streets silently point to the distant signs of a dissevered populace.

This is the rubble and ruin of Detroit, a once bright and shining jewel, now left to wither in the detritus of its former glory. Yet, the golden glow of Detroit’s brilliant past refuses to succumb to the impending night as ripples of forgotten power gently lap the decaying structures and desolate streets.

What secrets sleep interred within the withered wood and crumbling concrete of the Forsaken City?


The System

Mythic Detroit is a campaign set in modern Detroit, using Ars Magica’s background and magic system converted to Fate system, borrowing heavily from the Dresden Files RPG. All rules in the game are a collaborative effort by those participating, thus all are subject to change by consensus of those involved.

Mythic Detroit

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