Creo Animal

Lvl 5 Weaver’s Trap of Webs

R:Near/Sight D:Sun/Inst T:Group
When this spell is cast, you point at an area and a huge net of spider webs spring from the nearby surfaces, filling the area. If there are vertical surfaces, the webs hang from them forming a wall, otherwise they spring from the ground and net anyone in the area.
If the webs are able to form a wall, they act as a zone boarder with a value of 2. Those that try to move through them and fail are considered netted. Anyone in the area the spell is cast on is considered netted. Those netted are in a grapple with a value of 2 and have an aspect Stuck in a Web as long as they are netted. Netted individuals remain netted unless they break free or are freed by those outside the webbed area, even if others break free from the web. To free themselves, those in the web must make a Might roll that beats the grapple value of the web. To be freed by someone outside the web, the individual outside the web uses two actions to free them. Webbed areas that do not form walls pose no zone boarders. Webs acting as walls take two actions to cut down, or if anyone breaks free of the web, the web no longer imposes a zone boarder.

Intelligo Animal

Lvl 3 Visions of the Marauding Beast

R:Touch D:Mom/Conc T:Ind
(wounds on a person have a Mentem requisite)
By touching wounds created by a beast, you get a mental image of the beast from the perspective of the victim. If the victim didn’t see the attacker you get nothing, and if the attacker wasn’t a beast the spell fails.

Muto Animal

Lvl 2 Growth of the Creeping Things

R:Touch/Near D:Sun/Perm T:Ind
Cause an insect, mouse, toad, or other small creature to grow to four times its normal size. If the creature was poisonous, it is even more poisonous under the effects of this spell.

Lvl 6 Steed of Vengeance

R:Touch/Near D:Sun/Perm T:Ind
Turns a horse into a ferocious magical mount. Its coat becomes a deep black and its eyes a fiery red, its teeth transform into fangs, its hooves become razor-sharp, and it occasionally breathes steam from its mouth—the horse seems a creature from Hell itself. The horse gains a +2 to attack rolls. The horse tolerates a magus rider. When the spell wears off, the horse must make an endurance roll of 3 or it dies from shock.

Perdo Animal

Rego Animal

Lvl 5 Mastering the Unruly Beast

R:Touch/Near D:Conc/Perm T:Ind
You can make an animal perform any act it is capable of as long as it remains within range of your sight (though you must touch the animal to initiate the effect). The beast may make a Conviction roll versus a 6 to break the control.

Lvl 6 Commanding the Harnessed Beast

R:Touch/Near D:Sun/Moon T:Ind
You implant a complicated command into an animal, which it carries out to the best of its abilities. The command must involve completing a certain task, such as finding a certain person. Vague orders, like “protect me,” do not work. If the animal does not complete the task before the end of the spell approaches, it becomes desperately ferocious, especially at night.

Creo Aquam

Intelligo Aquam

Muto Aquam

Lvl 2 Lungs of the Fish

R:Personal/Touch D:Sun/Year T:Ind
Turns water into air as it enters your lungs, allowing you to breathe water as you do air.

Perdo Aquam

Rego Aquam

Creo Auram

Lvl 1 Chamber of Spring Breezes

R:Reach D:Sun/Perm T:Room/Struc
(Req. Rego)
Creates a breeze of fresh air that continually moves throughout a room, keeping the air continuously breathable even if the room is airtight.

Intelligo Auram

Muto Auram

Perdo Auram

Rego Auram

Lvl 5 Wings of the Soaring Wind

R:Personal D:Conc/Sun T:Ind
Generates a massive gust of air around you that supports and pushes you along through the air at speeds up to 40 miles per hour. Hovering in place is difficult, and requires a Finesse roll of 4. It is dangerous for extended travel, because if you lose concentration, you are likely to sustain serious injuries.

Creo Corpus

Lvl 5 Restoration of the Defiled Body

R:Touch/Near D:Sun/Inst T:Ind
Removes the crippling effects of any poison, any disease, or premature aging. Any aspect originating from one of these sources is removed. This spell does not effect aspect brought on by natural aging.

Lvl 6 The Severed Limb Made Whole

R:Touch/Near D:Sun/Inst T:Ind
Heals an Extreme Consequence, reducing the healing time to that of a Severe consequence, as long as the aspect assigned to the consequence has to do with a severed limb. Note that this does not remove the additional aspect for taking an Extreme consequence, though it may modify that aspect in order to make it reflect that the limb was reattached and will be operational. For example, an aspect, Just Call Me Stubby, might change to Shakes Alive! to represent that the character has lost some control of the stricken appendage. This spell can only effect such a consequence in the scene in which the character took the consequence.

Intelligo Corpus

Muto Corpus

Lvl 6 Sculpt the Mortal Visage

R:Touch D:Inst T:Ind Ritual
Changes the appearance, identifying marks, blood type, and basic DNA signature of the target individual, thus making them physically unidentifiable. This spell leaves the mind of the target intact and will not cure physical damage or ailments of any kind.

Perdo Corpus

Lvl 4 Pain of the Wizard’s Gaze

Lvl 5 Unwished Gift of Returned Pains

Rego Corpus

Lvl 1 Spasm of the Uncontrollable Hand

Lvl 7 Leap of Homecoming

R:Per/Touch D:Mom T:Ind
Teleports you or one you touch to the place you know best (likely a laboratory), as long as it is withing 150 miles. You must have an Arcane Connection to the place you are leaping to.

Lvl 7 Seven League Stride

R:Per/Touch D:Mom T:Ind
Teleports you or one you touch to any place within 21 miles that you can see or that you have an arcane connection to. The target must be willing.

Creo Herbam

Intelligo Herbam

Muto Herbam

Lvl 4 Cotton to Kevlar

R:Touch D:Sun/Perm T:Small
(Req. Terram)
Changes cotton or plant fibers to kevlar fibers. This has the effect of turning clothes into armor, though they may be stiff. General plant fiber clothing gains Armor:1 and is noticeably different from normal clothing. Heavier cloth (heavy denim or burlap for example) gains Armor:2. Padded armor constructed from plant materials gains +1 to its Armor.

Perdo Herbam

Rego Herbam

Creo Ignem

Lvl 6 Ball of Abyssal Flame

Intelligo Ignem

Muto Ignem

Perdo Ignem

Rego Ignem

Lvl 5 Ward Against Heat and Flame

Creo Imaginem

Intelligo Imaginem

Muto Imaginem

Perdo Imaginem

Rego Imaginem

Creo Mentam

Intelligo Mentam

Lvl 4 Betraying Whispers

Muto Mentam

Perdo Mentam

Lvl 3 Drunkard’s Gift

Lvl 5 Absent Mind of the Snapped Fingers

Rego Mentam

Creo Terram

Intelligo Terram

Muto Terram

Perdo Terram

Rego Terram

Lvl 5 Data Stone

R:Touch D:Moon/Perm (Special) T:Small
This spell takes the information stored as magnetic resonance on a computer (stuff on the hard drive) and transfers that resonance to a stone or metal object. The object contains the information until it is touched to another device, at which time it transfers the information to that device. The spell is able to transfer an amount of information equal to a total score of 5 in either Lore or Scholarship (it’s a lot of information, a library of books on a specific subject or number of subjects). Metals and crystals tend to hold the spell better than just any rock. Metal requires one less pawn of raw vis to make permanent, semi-precious gemstones take two less vis, and gemstones take three less.

Lvl 5 Metal Antipathy

R:Per/Touch D:Conc/Sun T:Room
Attacks made with weapons containing metal are repelled from your person, even those you are unaware of. This provides a Block at strength 4 so long as the caster concentrates (or for a full day with vis). Attacks rolls greater than 4 do bypass the block canceling the spell but the block still diminishes the attack roll by its strength.

Creo Vim

Intelligo Vim

Lvl 1 Scales of the Magical Weight

R:Touch D:Mom T:Small
When casting this spell, you typically hold your hands straight out from your body, place a known amount of Vim vis in your left hand (usually one pawn), and then place an unknown amount of vis in your right hand. After casting the spell, you may sense how heavy the unknown vis is in relation to the known, determining the number of pawns present.If you cast the spell without anything to measure the unknown vis against, you only have a very general idea of how valuable it is. The spell cannot be used to determine the amount of raw vis invested in an enchanted item.

Lvl 2 Sense the Nature of Vis

R:Touch D:Mom T:Small
You can tell what Art a supply of raw vis is connected to. To you, the vis appears to glow with an aura that is appropriate to the Technique or Form that the vis is associated with. Creo is white, Intéllego gold, Muto constantly fluctuating, Perdo black, Rego purple, Animál brown, Aquam blue, Auram violet, Corpus dark red, Herbam green, Imáginem pearly blue, Ignem bright red, Mentem orange, Terram dark brown, and Vim silver. Some of the colors are very similar, but are easy to distinguish if the item is held steadily and studied for a few seconds.

Muto Vim

Lvl 3 Gather the Essence of the Beast

Perdo Vim

Rego Vim

Lvl gen. Aegis of the Hearth

R:Special D:Year T:Bound Ritual
(Spells with a gen level are learned and scribed at a specific level)
This ritual protects a covenant in the way a Parma Magica protects a magus.
A Covenant’s Aegis has a level equal to the level Aegis of the Hearth is cast at plus the Aura of the Covenant (+1 when cast on the solstice).
If any spell is cast toward the Aegis (originating from outside it) by any magus who was not involved in the Aegis ritual, the Aegis resists the spell. Furthermore, spells that bring objects into the Aegi, including teleportation spells such as The Seven-League Stride, are also resisted unless the caster was involved in the ritual. If the foreign spell cannot overcome the level of the Aegis + a roll of the dice, the spell fizzles out.The Aegis is also able to block foreign Intéllego spells, even if they cannot normally be blocked by a Parma Magica.
Magi who were not involved in the ritual and who cast spells within the Aegis must subtract half the level of the Aegis from all their casting rolls. Spells successfully cast have otherwise normal effects (e.g. Ignem spells still do full damage).
Creatures with a Magic Might score cannot enter the area protected by the Aegis unless they have a higher Magic Might than the Aegis’s level. Divine creatures are not affected, but magical, Infernal (including demons), and faerie creatures are. When approaching the border of an Aegis, a magical person (including a Hermetic magus) feels a slight tingle in the extremities. Magical, Infernal, and faerie creatures and persons may be brought within the Aegis, if they are formally invited by one who participated in its casting and given a token to represent the invitation. (The tokens are used during the casting of the ritual, and thus conform to the Law of Sympathy.) Such a person is also not affected by the penalty to casting within the Aegis. The invitation may be withdrawn at any time. This does not require retrieving the token or even notifying the individual who is no longer welcome. Withdrawing an invitation will not expel the person beyond the Aegis, but will prevent them from re-entering after they leave (unless their Magic Might is high enough), and subject them to the casting total penalty while they are within the Aegis. The invitation and expulsion must both be issued by magi who participated in the ritual, but not necessarily by the same magus. A magus may only invite or expel specific, known, individuals. He may not expel someone he does not know has been invited in.
The Aegis is typically cast on the winter solstice, since magical auras can be slightly higher at that time, and the Aegis then lasts for the entire next year. The entire covenant usually participates in the Aegis ritual, which often ends with the participants’ walking around the perimeter of the protected area in order to define it. Quite often, the covenant holds a major council meeting, or perhaps a large feast, after the ritual of the Aegis.

Lvl gen. Opening the Intangible Tunnel

R:Arc D:Conc T:Ind
You can open a magical channel from yourself to some target, allowing you to cast any spell with a range greater than Personal on that target. The tunnel does not grant any sense impressions of the target; you must cast appropriate spells through the tunnel if you wish to see the target or the target’s surroundings. Only spells of equal or lower level may be cast through the tunnel. Spells cast while maintaining concentration on the tunnel have their level increased by half the level that Opening the Intangible Tunnel is cast at (round up).
A magus who magically recognizes the tunnel (through The Invisible Eye Revealed or a similar spell) may cast spells through the tunnel back at you, and he need not concentrate on keeping the tunnel open. If this magus is the target of the spell, he is considered to be touching you. Otherwise, his effective range to you is his range to the target of the spell.

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