The Belle Isle Covenant is located in the Belle Isle Boathouse on the north side of Belle Isle in the Detroit River.


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Aura Joy’s Echo – Aura derived from the joy the abandoned zoo used to bring.
Aura Distant Echoes – Aura persists because of the separation from the city proper.
Arcane Benign Neglect – Arcane derived from general consensus of population that ignoring the zoo will preserve or maybe even help the zoo.
Vis Where the Wild Things Are – Vis derived from animals on Belle Isle, some the descendants of escaped zoo animals (Animal Vis)
Vis Deep Roots – Vis derived from rocks on Belle Isle (Terram Vis)
Vis Bonsai Clearing – Vis derived from bonsai trees that grow as if they were being pruned in the abandoned zoo (Mentam Vis)

PC Labs

Paul Jobronski’s Lab
Preston Vanderbelt III’s Lab
Miguel Estevez’s Lab
Ivan Kurieve’s Lab
Moonpie Jackson’s Lab
Esteban Lopez’s Lab

Belle Isle Covenant Library



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