Character Creation

A Starting Point

There are three types of characters for this campaign; Magus, Companion, and Grog. The magus is the primary focus of the game as this is a story about a Covenant of magi. Each player is encouraged to at least have a concept for a magus as this is the character they will most likely be portraying in key Covenant functions and it will give them a voice in the direction of the Covenant. Companions tend to be highly skilled and specialized characters that provide some sort of service to a magus in the Covenant or to the Covenant as a whole. Unlike Ars Magica‘s setting, a modern setting should probably consist of this type of character predominately. Last is the Grog. For the purposes of this game Grogs will most likely be more along the line of Faces, that is a character that doesn’t get played as much as it gets portrayed. Grogs will be contacts or nameless faceless lackeys most likely working for the magi on a temporary basis.

With that said there are only two types of character really to build and their point allocations are detailed below:

Magus 10 Refresh 40 Skill Points +5 Skill Cap
Companion 8 Refresh 30 Skill Points +5 Skill Cap

In addition Companions only start with 5 aspects; High Concept, Trouble, Background, Rising Conflict, and The Story (where they must be linked to a magus in the Covenant).


Companions are created with the above point totals using the rules as printed in the Dresden Files RPG except that all refresh may be expended and no casting powers may be taken without discussing it with the group first.


Magi are created using the above point totals. They may spend all their refresh points. Magi use one of the House Templates as the basis of their characters. Most Magi will be required to take Hermetic Magic.


Normally in the Dresden Files RPG, characters start with two boxes in each of their stress tracks and additional boxes based on Conviction, Endurance, or Presence. Characters in this game will get to pick the skills their stress tracks are based on so long as they make sense for that particular track. Thus a character may be able to take more physical stress than another due to athletic training and yet have a lower Endurance and be unable to deal with extended physical exertion.


Character Creation

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