Mythic Detroit

Welcome to Detroit

The Magi of Belle Isle Covenant all came together for the first time today, to investigate their new home and begin laying plans for the direction of the new covenant. They determined that their first season will be spent sharing knowledge with each other and future covenant members by writing various manuals on subjects as chosen by each person in the covenant. They also divvied up the space in the boathouse and developed a plan for remodeling the structure to suit their needs.

This first meeting came to an abrupt end when a boat approached the docks outside the new building. There was gunfire from the approaching boat and Moonpie took the form of her heart-beast and flew out the window. The other Magi waited as Jobs’s security squad quickly dispatched the men in the boat.

As the the boat was being retrieved for a closer examination, Moonpie spotted another figure standing in the treeline across from the boathouse. She flew down for a closer examination and discovered that the figure was a ghost beckoning her into the forest. Moonpie followed the ghostly woman into the forest until the apparition disappeared among the trees. Just as Moonpie was beginning to turn back, she heard voices in the forest and decided to investigate.

Meanwhile, the other Magi examined the contents of the boat. Inside were four rough looking men armed with two assault rifles and four boxes filled with bricks of heroine. The Magi destroyed the bodies and the drugs.

Moonpie came upon three squat bipedal creatures in the woods; trying to force a stick into the cold ground. One of them noticed Moonpie and decided that she would satisfy his hunger, about which he had been complaining. Moonpie transformed back into her human form, but the creature was not dissuaded. So, Moonpie cast a spell and entangled the creature in webs. The other two creatures fled the display of power, and Moonpie decided to drag her captive back to the covenant for further questioning.

The other Magi heard the creature’s commotion as Moonpie approached the boathouse and went to the front to see what was causing the ruckus. They questioned the captive to which they only received screams and threats about what would happen to them if the creature was not freed. Miguel used an Intelligo Mentem spell to read the creatures thoughts and discovered that it was sent by the Nain Rogue, the Red Dwarf of Detroit. The creature continued screaming until Jobs decided he had had enough, at which point he ordered his security detail to dispatch the creature.

The Magi decided to see if they could find the other goblins. They found evidence of more of the creatures but their trail ended at the river where the goblins had fled across it into Detroit.

Next session scheduled for Oct. 29 at 12:00pm



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