Mythic Detroit

The Fight's at your Door

The magi of Belle Isle Covenant were settling in when a magus from outside the covenant managed to place a magical ward on the door to Jobs’s Lab, locking Jobs out. At his realization that the covenant was under-defended against magic, Jobs had his security team pack up all of their equipment and they left Detroit for Ann Arbor, where Jobs knew a magus in the Ann Arbor covenant.

Preston looked into the spell that was warding the violated door and discovered a riddle written in magical writing: “To open the door is easy its said. The thing that you need? A chip from the headboard of a cadaver’s deathbed.”

Preston guessed that the riddle referred to a chip off a gravestone, and he and Boris ventured to the nearest graveyard to obtain the item. Once there they discovered a child being attacked by two zombies. Boris attacked one and discovered that the zombies were apparitions. Preston cast a spell attacking the zombies and the zombies and the boy vanished. They were then presented with another riddle: “I have the stone that erases the mark. Come to the velodrome in Dorias Park.”

Preston and Boris then ventured to Dorias Park where a man waited sitting on a tattered bench overlooking the velodrome. He stood and turned to them. “You are not Paul Jobronski,” he said. Then he sighed and said,“I suppose he fled once challenged. Here is what you seek.” He flipped a stone shard to Preston and then disappeared.

Preston and Boris returned to the covenant and Ivan and Moonpie cast the ritual Aegis of the Hearth to prevent further magical incursions.

A while later the ghostly woman appeared to Moonpie again, beckoning her follow into the forest. Moonpie notified Preston, Miguel, Ivan, and Boris. Everyone rushed into the forest, to the field in which the covenant had previously fought a number of goblins and the Nain Rouge. Sure enough the Nain Rouge was once again trying to accost the ghostly woman. This time there were no goblins. Instead there were two men, dressed in business attire, with sunken eyes that glowed red. They looked as if they had been starving to death and had eaten their lips in an effort to stave off the hunger. They howled and attacked but Boris blocked their way while the magi dealt with the Nain Rouge. The Nain Rouge was able to capture the spirit woman but the magi were able to cause the Red Dwarf to drop the staff and eventually they disenchanted it freeing the spirit. The Nain Rouge howled in frustration and disappeared. Eventually the life seemed to go out of creatures fighting Boris, as if snuffed out like candles in a strong wind.



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