Mythic Detroit

Squatch where you Step

Jobs continued to set up his new facilities from abroad. Preston decided to pursue the stories of Sleeping Bear’s Daughter further by checking out Peche Island in Canada. So he and Ivan made a trip across the river to Windsor, Canada. In Windsor, the two made contact with the with the Windsor covenant and met with a magus, Richard Stephalopholous. Richard explained that they had a bargain with the local faerie court in which they agreed not to disturb the island. Preston talked Richard into setting up a meeting with the local faerie official in hopes of maybe obtaining permission to investigate the island. Preston and Ivan then returned home to await an answer.

Back on Belle Isle, Miguel encountered a mouse that talked and told him that stopping the Nain Rouge would be a good idea. Ivan and Preston returned and decided to set up a library building to store the large quantity of books that had been collected from the various abandoned libraries and stored in P.O.D.s. Ivan used magic to create an eighty story structure underground.

The next day Preston and Ivan were notified that they had a meeting set up with a faerie dignitary. They met Richard and Richard’s friend and translator, James. The four of them set out into the Canadian wilderness. In the middle of the forest, the magi met Sasquatch, leader of the seelie court in the area. Sasquatch revealed that the creatures they had fought in their last encounter with the Nain Rouge were wendigo, people subjected to the curse of Wendigo and that the Nain Rouge was likely trying to free Wendigo from his imprisonment in Arcadia on the edge of Hell. He also informed them that Sleeping Bear’s Daughter wasn’t dead.

Armed with this information, Preston and Ivan returned to the Covenant.

Season Actions were completed and all the magi finished writing their Grimoires into books for the library.



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