Mythic Detroit

Ivan's Journal Summer 2011

Ivans journal

I’ve passed my Gauntlet. I am now a Magus, but there is no room here in Seattle for another Magus. My master has made arrangements for me to take part ownership of the Detroit Covenant. It seems I will count among my new Sodalis, Moonpie Jackson and Jobs. I met them at their Gauntlet a few scant weeks ago. I had assisted my master with the arrangements for getting Moonpie a position at Detroit.

I’ve begun packing my few personal belongings to prepare for the move to Detroit. I know very little about the city itself, save that it is in a state of advanced decay. I’ve sent Boris ahead to make arrangements for us while the actual Covenant grounds and buildings are determined. He wasn’t very happy with me when I gave him his budget for his own office. He kept grumbling that he would get a better office space if he was a grog. He just doesn’t understand that the work that he does for me, and soon the covenant, is much different than what the grogs I have found do. Thankfully he will only grumble so much and make all the arrangements necessary.

I’ve made arrangements for Boris and I at the MGM Grand in downtown Detroit until the housing situation is determined. That should more than make up for the crappy office space he is getting stuck with. Where to house the security firm is another matter. I would rather have it placed in the upscale commercial area, but I will leave that decision to Jobs. I know I am not completely versed in where that venture’s clientele will come from.

I am very excited to be starting out in my own covenant, but all the unknowns are so daunting.



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