Mythic Detroit

Ivan's Journal Season's End

Ivans journal

I made it to the end of my first season here in Detroit. If this season is to be taken as a predictor, then my time here will be tumultuous indeed. It seems that Jobs has returned, and his consors has set up shop in the aquarium building that is set further in on the island. The security of the covenant now rests solely in my hands. I’ve been unable to let my grogs return to their duties within the city, so my information gathering capabilities have been wofully curtailed. I hope that the rest of the magi will realize that we need something more for security.

Preston did pick up the investigation of Sleeping Bear’s Daughter again. We traveled over to Windsor and spoke with a Magus of Windsor by the name of Richard Stephalopholus. He let us know that they had an arrangement with the local fairy court to leave the island where we believed Sleeping Bear’s Daughter to be alone. He was also not enamoured of either Sleeping Bear or Nain rouge. We did learn that the Red Dwarf has some standing in local fairy court in Detroit. He has the rank of Duke, though what that means here, I am still unaware. Preston made arrangements to find out if we could go to the island to discover what is going on.

So, we headed back Detroit and I went back out and visited Lexis Montgomery to be introduced to the top dog in Detroit. I was disappointed to find out that he was not there, but that I was invited to a party at his place later in the month. I think it will be interesting to meet this Alderoy Fortesque.

We did end up hearing back from the Windsor Magus, and we were able to meet with Sasquatch. He is the head of the Northern court of fairies. We needed a translator to speak with him, and James, a friend of Stephalopholus filled that job for us. After a lengthy discussion, we discovered that Wendigo, a spirit of hunger was trying to escape his prison in fairy at the edge of the hole to hell. It was obvious that Nain Rouge was using minions of Wendigo to assist him in accomplishing this goal. We also learned that Sleeping Bear was launching attacks on the people of Windsor, but with no discernable reason. With this information in mind, we went back to Belle Isle and once again questioned the wailing ghot woman. The questioning was difficult as the spirit was still disturbed by the violent end which created her, but we did learn about a fairy trod that was on our island. It took some effort to finally locate the trod itself, but we were able to secure it. I also placed a watching ward to let me know if my lock is ever breached.

We also put in a bit of work on supporting the covenant. I, slightly aided by the other Magi, created an ammunition manufacturing concern. We have called the company Detroit Ballistics, and are currently looking for someone to permanently take over it’s management. I have high hopes that Miguel will find someone for that position. We also have four PODS of books that were rescued from several abandoned libraries around the city. So, I created an underground library to house the books. We just need to hire a librarian to begin the transition from PODS to the new library, and seperate the wheat from the chaff in our new collection. We also completed our first set of spell books for our library as well.

All in all, a very mixed start to our covenant. It is funny, when we act in concert we are very powerful. It just seems difficult to get that to happen.



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