Mythic Detroit

Ivan's Journal Disruption

It has been a very strange few days here at the Belle Isle Covenant. I’m not quite sure what to make of the events that have transpired as they have left me shaken and almost regretting coming here.

It all begins after we had made an attempt to contact Sleeping Bear’s Daughter. It was an arduous ritual that was draining on each Magus in the covenant and ended with no contact being established. After a ftiful nights sleep, I went and checked in with the security and learned more about the going on in the covenant and made arrangements to get daily reports from my people out in the field. I also learned that the club I had attended had several supernatural creatures including the fence with which I had made further arrangements. It seemed to disturb Brad that I put myself at risk with such ease. After escaping the Night of Long Knives in Kiev, I will not sit behind walls and not live. On that night, and the many after, the walls and wards served as nothing but a trap which the victims built themselves. I did not tell this to Brad, as this is a pain I share with Boris and my master. We are the only people to escape the terrible Pogrom that engulfed Russia after that night.

Moonpie visited Windsor and made arrangements with a “shaman” to come rid our island of goblins. I’m not sure the girl made it through the gauntlet unscathed, but she does have heart. Sadly, the red dwarf returned that same evening to take the lady ghost from our island. I was notified by Moonpie, and she gather the rest of the covenant excluding Jobs. We arrive just in time to see the dwarf capture the ghost. The horrid dwarf had brought zombies along to defend his flight with the purloined spirit. Boris easily kept the extremely resilient and strong zombies at bay so that we could engage the dwarf.

I will admit that the battle did not go well for us initially. I myself was stuck in a web cast by Moonpie for most of the altercation. The fight came down, not to brute force, but intelligently applied simple spells. I was able to free the spirit from the dwarf’s staff, and Miguel and Preston were able to keep the object from leaving with the dwarf. It seems like a major dust-up over such an inconsequential spirit, but she may be linked to a more powerful spirit. She may be even linked to some of the Vis supplies on the island. I think Moonpie is wise to come to her aid when asked. I just wish the others saw this fact as well.

It was the next evening when everything went to hell. I was out roaming the island cataloging the places that need to be seen too when I received a call from Moonpie. She was in a panic, Jobs was leaving. I teleported back to the covenant house to find it a riot of activity. When I tried to to find out what happened, I was told that we were under attack and that we were idiots for living in a place without an aegis. I said that i would have the aegis in place in a few hours but he wouldn’t listen and continued taking out all the equipment for the security of the covenant. I was stunned that he just left us. I had Moonpie assist me with the casting of the aegis, but we were interrupted in mid-ritual by Preston. He left me extrememly weakened by that alone, and yet istill did not let him head into the night alone in pursuit of whomever had cast the ward on Jobs’ door. It seems that it is someone from Jobs’ past who had initiated a scavenger hunt accross the city just to get a key to remove the ward.

It has left me rethinking coming to this city. I thought I knew some of these people. Preston is callus and uncaring, even towards us his sodalis. Jobs is distant and willing to abandon his sodalis in the name of personal safety. Yet, I’ve helped when asked but to no thanks or appreciation.

Should I stay?



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