Mythic Detroit

Ivan's Journal Belle Isle Covenant

The beginning stages of the Belle Isle covenant have begun. I have now met all the members of the covenant and we are a diverse lot. I think this will be good for us as a city of this size should be full of problems that any individual may have difficulties dealing with, but as a covenant, we will do fine.

We began the covenenat with the agreement that we would spen our first season creating spellbooks for out library for the edification of the covenant. I fear that my writing skills may be a bit rusty, but I will stive to provide something that everone could use. The rest of my first week here at the covenant was spent utilizing my magic to fix up the building which serves as our covenant house. It was a grueling seven days of magical effort, but it was better than having several work crews traipsing around our personal domain. One would have though that Moonpie would have had many requests for changes to be made during this process, but they would be wrong. The Bonisagus was the demanding one. He want all sorts of contraptions and changes made while I worked on his room. Luckily it is done and if he wants further renovations he will have to make them himself as it now qualifies as his personal sanctum.

It wasn’t long after completion of that project that our covenant came under assault. It seems that on our first night here we destroyed a drug shipment which had angered some minor power in the city. He sent several cars full of children to assault magi. It was rather sad. Our security team was quick to violence, so not all the vehicles made it to covenant proper. It seems that Detroit has a Warlord. Positively feudal. It took me very little effort to deal with the remaining wastrels and hopefully this Warlord has learned not to trifle with us. Sadly, I suspect that this will not be the case. A wounded animal will only attack.

After the altercation, I had a conversation with brad about the protocols that his security team had in place. They seemed rather thourough, so I made arrangements for Boris to be given some training in their protocols to keep him up to speed.

After seven weeks straight of mind-aching labor, I decided that a night on the town was called for and headed out for the best club in townto my knowledge. It was a nice upscale night club, but nothing like the clubs I had been to in Russia. The music was an atrocious pop mix, but what can you expect of something so high-end. There were plenty of beauties avaialbe to a fat wallet and I quickly found one that was not to annoying to have around. She even provided me with the name of the most powerful person at the clb that night. so, I went and made my presence known to this lovely lady of the night and have discovered at least a fence of some reknown as well as of some supernatural ilk. She tried a charm of some sort, but it failed to even breach my parma. I did make arrangements for her to introduce me to more movers and shakes in the city and will be meeting with her this Saturday night. I will have to ask Migel if he will provide me with further mind protections that night.

All and all, a most portentous beginning to my new home. I can not wait to begin devling further into the politics of the city.



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