Mythic Detroit

City and Character Creation

We started off using the Dresden Files RPG Method of creating the city (in our case Detroit). It was a lot of fun and we fleshed out the city pretty well. Mythic Detroit will be full of vampires (we decided on two types of vampire reminiscent of the black and white courts from the _Dresden Files _), werewolves, seelie and unseelie faeries, etc.. We then turned to character generation.

Due to the experimental nature of the game, some modifications to the character generation process were made, however this brainstorming process took some time to iron out the particulars of the process. Everyone has their character ideas and backgrounds but work still needs to be done spending skill and refresh points.

On Oct. 15, we will reconvene and complete character generation, and then we will see what the future holds for the Belle Isle Covenant.



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