Mythic Detroit

A Quick and Dirty Recap

The magi had another encounter with the Red Dwarf. The ghostly woman of Belle Isle warned Moonpie of an attack on a spirit located on the football field of an abandoned high school. The magi fought the Nain Rogue and a new Dark Man with a sword, but they failed to save the spirit of the cheerleader.

Preston found a book among the books that had been collected from the old libraries around town. This book lead the magi to the discovery of some sort of large magical device located beneath the statue, The Spirit of Detroit. Jobs wanted to destroy the device, but the other magi decided to stay its destruction and attempt to collect some more information. Preston even called in his master for help. To date the device has not been deciphered and Preston’s parens had to return home.

The representative from house Mercer finally showed up. He delivered a letter to the Covenant informing them that Detroit would be the locus of the next Grand Tribunal. Preparations for the event are now under way.

The covenant in Windsor called with a problem. Sleeping Bear was attacking the city. The magi of the Detroit covenant mobilized and met the god-chief head on. They discovered that Sleeping Bear wasn’t attacking of his own volition. So they entered the Regio were Sleeping Bear was imprisoned. Once there, they set to the task of finding Sleeping Bear’s woman and freeing her from the Skinwalkers that had abducted her. Eventually they reunited the couple and Sleeping Bear broke his bonds.

I apologize for the quick and broad strokes with which this log post was constructed. Many details were skipped and if I missed something that any of you would like to see included in this synopsis, please let me know.



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