Mythic Detroit

A Quick and Dirty Recap

The magi had another encounter with the Red Dwarf. The ghostly woman of Belle Isle warned Moonpie of an attack on a spirit located on the football field of an abandoned high school. The magi fought the Nain Rogue and a new Dark Man with a sword, but they failed to save the spirit of the cheerleader.

Preston found a book among the books that had been collected from the old libraries around town. This book lead the magi to the discovery of some sort of large magical device located beneath the statue, The Spirit of Detroit. Jobs wanted to destroy the device, but the other magi decided to stay its destruction and attempt to collect some more information. Preston even called in his master for help. To date the device has not been deciphered and Preston’s parens had to return home.

The representative from house Mercer finally showed up. He delivered a letter to the Covenant informing them that Detroit would be the locus of the next Grand Tribunal. Preparations for the event are now under way.

The covenant in Windsor called with a problem. Sleeping Bear was attacking the city. The magi of the Detroit covenant mobilized and met the god-chief head on. They discovered that Sleeping Bear wasn’t attacking of his own volition. So they entered the Regio were Sleeping Bear was imprisoned. Once there, they set to the task of finding Sleeping Bear’s woman and freeing her from the Skinwalkers that had abducted her. Eventually they reunited the couple and Sleeping Bear broke his bonds.

I apologize for the quick and broad strokes with which this log post was constructed. Many details were skipped and if I missed something that any of you would like to see included in this synopsis, please let me know.

Ivan's Journal Season's End
Ivans journal

I made it to the end of my first season here in Detroit. If this season is to be taken as a predictor, then my time here will be tumultuous indeed. It seems that Jobs has returned, and his consors has set up shop in the aquarium building that is set further in on the island. The security of the covenant now rests solely in my hands. I’ve been unable to let my grogs return to their duties within the city, so my information gathering capabilities have been wofully curtailed. I hope that the rest of the magi will realize that we need something more for security.

Preston did pick up the investigation of Sleeping Bear’s Daughter again. We traveled over to Windsor and spoke with a Magus of Windsor by the name of Richard Stephalopholus. He let us know that they had an arrangement with the local fairy court to leave the island where we believed Sleeping Bear’s Daughter to be alone. He was also not enamoured of either Sleeping Bear or Nain rouge. We did learn that the Red Dwarf has some standing in local fairy court in Detroit. He has the rank of Duke, though what that means here, I am still unaware. Preston made arrangements to find out if we could go to the island to discover what is going on.

So, we headed back Detroit and I went back out and visited Lexis Montgomery to be introduced to the top dog in Detroit. I was disappointed to find out that he was not there, but that I was invited to a party at his place later in the month. I think it will be interesting to meet this Alderoy Fortesque.

We did end up hearing back from the Windsor Magus, and we were able to meet with Sasquatch. He is the head of the Northern court of fairies. We needed a translator to speak with him, and James, a friend of Stephalopholus filled that job for us. After a lengthy discussion, we discovered that Wendigo, a spirit of hunger was trying to escape his prison in fairy at the edge of the hole to hell. It was obvious that Nain Rouge was using minions of Wendigo to assist him in accomplishing this goal. We also learned that Sleeping Bear was launching attacks on the people of Windsor, but with no discernable reason. With this information in mind, we went back to Belle Isle and once again questioned the wailing ghot woman. The questioning was difficult as the spirit was still disturbed by the violent end which created her, but we did learn about a fairy trod that was on our island. It took some effort to finally locate the trod itself, but we were able to secure it. I also placed a watching ward to let me know if my lock is ever breached.

We also put in a bit of work on supporting the covenant. I, slightly aided by the other Magi, created an ammunition manufacturing concern. We have called the company Detroit Ballistics, and are currently looking for someone to permanently take over it’s management. I have high hopes that Miguel will find someone for that position. We also have four PODS of books that were rescued from several abandoned libraries around the city. So, I created an underground library to house the books. We just need to hire a librarian to begin the transition from PODS to the new library, and seperate the wheat from the chaff in our new collection. We also completed our first set of spell books for our library as well.

All in all, a very mixed start to our covenant. It is funny, when we act in concert we are very powerful. It just seems difficult to get that to happen.

Squatch where you Step

Jobs continued to set up his new facilities from abroad. Preston decided to pursue the stories of Sleeping Bear’s Daughter further by checking out Peche Island in Canada. So he and Ivan made a trip across the river to Windsor, Canada. In Windsor, the two made contact with the with the Windsor covenant and met with a magus, Richard Stephalopholous. Richard explained that they had a bargain with the local faerie court in which they agreed not to disturb the island. Preston talked Richard into setting up a meeting with the local faerie official in hopes of maybe obtaining permission to investigate the island. Preston and Ivan then returned home to await an answer.

Back on Belle Isle, Miguel encountered a mouse that talked and told him that stopping the Nain Rouge would be a good idea. Ivan and Preston returned and decided to set up a library building to store the large quantity of books that had been collected from the various abandoned libraries and stored in P.O.D.s. Ivan used magic to create an eighty story structure underground.

The next day Preston and Ivan were notified that they had a meeting set up with a faerie dignitary. They met Richard and Richard’s friend and translator, James. The four of them set out into the Canadian wilderness. In the middle of the forest, the magi met Sasquatch, leader of the seelie court in the area. Sasquatch revealed that the creatures they had fought in their last encounter with the Nain Rouge were wendigo, people subjected to the curse of Wendigo and that the Nain Rouge was likely trying to free Wendigo from his imprisonment in Arcadia on the edge of Hell. He also informed them that Sleeping Bear’s Daughter wasn’t dead.

Armed with this information, Preston and Ivan returned to the Covenant.

Season Actions were completed and all the magi finished writing their Grimoires into books for the library.

Ivan's Journal Disruption

It has been a very strange few days here at the Belle Isle Covenant. I’m not quite sure what to make of the events that have transpired as they have left me shaken and almost regretting coming here.

It all begins after we had made an attempt to contact Sleeping Bear’s Daughter. It was an arduous ritual that was draining on each Magus in the covenant and ended with no contact being established. After a ftiful nights sleep, I went and checked in with the security and learned more about the going on in the covenant and made arrangements to get daily reports from my people out in the field. I also learned that the club I had attended had several supernatural creatures including the fence with which I had made further arrangements. It seemed to disturb Brad that I put myself at risk with such ease. After escaping the Night of Long Knives in Kiev, I will not sit behind walls and not live. On that night, and the many after, the walls and wards served as nothing but a trap which the victims built themselves. I did not tell this to Brad, as this is a pain I share with Boris and my master. We are the only people to escape the terrible Pogrom that engulfed Russia after that night.

Moonpie visited Windsor and made arrangements with a “shaman” to come rid our island of goblins. I’m not sure the girl made it through the gauntlet unscathed, but she does have heart. Sadly, the red dwarf returned that same evening to take the lady ghost from our island. I was notified by Moonpie, and she gather the rest of the covenant excluding Jobs. We arrive just in time to see the dwarf capture the ghost. The horrid dwarf had brought zombies along to defend his flight with the purloined spirit. Boris easily kept the extremely resilient and strong zombies at bay so that we could engage the dwarf.

I will admit that the battle did not go well for us initially. I myself was stuck in a web cast by Moonpie for most of the altercation. The fight came down, not to brute force, but intelligently applied simple spells. I was able to free the spirit from the dwarf’s staff, and Miguel and Preston were able to keep the object from leaving with the dwarf. It seems like a major dust-up over such an inconsequential spirit, but she may be linked to a more powerful spirit. She may be even linked to some of the Vis supplies on the island. I think Moonpie is wise to come to her aid when asked. I just wish the others saw this fact as well.

It was the next evening when everything went to hell. I was out roaming the island cataloging the places that need to be seen too when I received a call from Moonpie. She was in a panic, Jobs was leaving. I teleported back to the covenant house to find it a riot of activity. When I tried to to find out what happened, I was told that we were under attack and that we were idiots for living in a place without an aegis. I said that i would have the aegis in place in a few hours but he wouldn’t listen and continued taking out all the equipment for the security of the covenant. I was stunned that he just left us. I had Moonpie assist me with the casting of the aegis, but we were interrupted in mid-ritual by Preston. He left me extrememly weakened by that alone, and yet istill did not let him head into the night alone in pursuit of whomever had cast the ward on Jobs’ door. It seems that it is someone from Jobs’ past who had initiated a scavenger hunt accross the city just to get a key to remove the ward.

It has left me rethinking coming to this city. I thought I knew some of these people. Preston is callus and uncaring, even towards us his sodalis. Jobs is distant and willing to abandon his sodalis in the name of personal safety. Yet, I’ve helped when asked but to no thanks or appreciation.

Should I stay?

The Fight's at your Door

The magi of Belle Isle Covenant were settling in when a magus from outside the covenant managed to place a magical ward on the door to Jobs’s Lab, locking Jobs out. At his realization that the covenant was under-defended against magic, Jobs had his security team pack up all of their equipment and they left Detroit for Ann Arbor, where Jobs knew a magus in the Ann Arbor covenant.

Preston looked into the spell that was warding the violated door and discovered a riddle written in magical writing: “To open the door is easy its said. The thing that you need? A chip from the headboard of a cadaver’s deathbed.”

Preston guessed that the riddle referred to a chip off a gravestone, and he and Boris ventured to the nearest graveyard to obtain the item. Once there they discovered a child being attacked by two zombies. Boris attacked one and discovered that the zombies were apparitions. Preston cast a spell attacking the zombies and the zombies and the boy vanished. They were then presented with another riddle: “I have the stone that erases the mark. Come to the velodrome in Dorias Park.”

Preston and Boris then ventured to Dorias Park where a man waited sitting on a tattered bench overlooking the velodrome. He stood and turned to them. “You are not Paul Jobronski,” he said. Then he sighed and said,“I suppose he fled once challenged. Here is what you seek.” He flipped a stone shard to Preston and then disappeared.

Preston and Boris returned to the covenant and Ivan and Moonpie cast the ritual Aegis of the Hearth to prevent further magical incursions.

A while later the ghostly woman appeared to Moonpie again, beckoning her follow into the forest. Moonpie notified Preston, Miguel, Ivan, and Boris. Everyone rushed into the forest, to the field in which the covenant had previously fought a number of goblins and the Nain Rouge. Sure enough the Nain Rouge was once again trying to accost the ghostly woman. This time there were no goblins. Instead there were two men, dressed in business attire, with sunken eyes that glowed red. They looked as if they had been starving to death and had eaten their lips in an effort to stave off the hunger. They howled and attacked but Boris blocked their way while the magi dealt with the Nain Rouge. The Nain Rouge was able to capture the spirit woman but the magi were able to cause the Red Dwarf to drop the staff and eventually they disenchanted it freeing the spirit. The Nain Rouge howled in frustration and disappeared. Eventually the life seemed to go out of creatures fighting Boris, as if snuffed out like candles in a strong wind.

Ivan's Journal Belle Isle Covenant

The beginning stages of the Belle Isle covenant have begun. I have now met all the members of the covenant and we are a diverse lot. I think this will be good for us as a city of this size should be full of problems that any individual may have difficulties dealing with, but as a covenant, we will do fine.

We began the covenenat with the agreement that we would spen our first season creating spellbooks for out library for the edification of the covenant. I fear that my writing skills may be a bit rusty, but I will stive to provide something that everone could use. The rest of my first week here at the covenant was spent utilizing my magic to fix up the building which serves as our covenant house. It was a grueling seven days of magical effort, but it was better than having several work crews traipsing around our personal domain. One would have though that Moonpie would have had many requests for changes to be made during this process, but they would be wrong. The Bonisagus was the demanding one. He want all sorts of contraptions and changes made while I worked on his room. Luckily it is done and if he wants further renovations he will have to make them himself as it now qualifies as his personal sanctum.

It wasn’t long after completion of that project that our covenant came under assault. It seems that on our first night here we destroyed a drug shipment which had angered some minor power in the city. He sent several cars full of children to assault magi. It was rather sad. Our security team was quick to violence, so not all the vehicles made it to covenant proper. It seems that Detroit has a Warlord. Positively feudal. It took me very little effort to deal with the remaining wastrels and hopefully this Warlord has learned not to trifle with us. Sadly, I suspect that this will not be the case. A wounded animal will only attack.

After the altercation, I had a conversation with brad about the protocols that his security team had in place. They seemed rather thourough, so I made arrangements for Boris to be given some training in their protocols to keep him up to speed.

After seven weeks straight of mind-aching labor, I decided that a night on the town was called for and headed out for the best club in townto my knowledge. It was a nice upscale night club, but nothing like the clubs I had been to in Russia. The music was an atrocious pop mix, but what can you expect of something so high-end. There were plenty of beauties avaialbe to a fat wallet and I quickly found one that was not to annoying to have around. She even provided me with the name of the most powerful person at the clb that night. so, I went and made my presence known to this lovely lady of the night and have discovered at least a fence of some reknown as well as of some supernatural ilk. She tried a charm of some sort, but it failed to even breach my parma. I did make arrangements for her to introduce me to more movers and shakes in the city and will be meeting with her this Saturday night. I will have to ask Migel if he will provide me with further mind protections that night.

All and all, a most portentous beginning to my new home. I can not wait to begin devling further into the politics of the city.

Property of the Warlord of Detroit

Ivan decided to modify the Covenant according to the wishes of his soldales. So, setting up the building as living quarters and lab spaces only took seven days. Afterward the Magi settled in to begin what they had determined would be their first projects, copying their spells into books so that the library could house them.

However, it wasn’t long before someone came looking for the drugs the Covenant had destroyed their first night in Detroit. Fifteen cars full of people were spotted speeding across the bridge, toward the island. Most of the cars were identified as stolen. Many of them were covered in graffiti. The decision was made that the cars contained an unsavory crowd and the Covenant’s defense force began shooting at the speeding vehicles. The people in the vehicles returned fire, but many of them were stopped on the bridge. Those cars that made it across were stopped in the driveway up to the Covenant by Ivan who stood alone against the intruders. The soldiers withdrew, as instructed, to let the magus deal with the problem. Ivan turned the roadway into a field of sharp stone spikes that burst the tires of the cars and halted their advance. The people in the cars got out and continued shooting to no avail as the bullets were repelled by Ivan’s Metal Antipathy spell. Ivan cast another spell, causing a magnetic field in the ground below them that made their guns unwieldable and dragged many of them to the ground. At this point a skinny man dressed in tight pants and a Micheal-Jackson-Thriller jacket exited a car that had stopped short of Ivan’s trap. He announced that he wanted his drugs to which Ivan replied that he should leave now or face dire consequences. The man then went on about how he owned everything in the city and that he was the Warlord of Detroit. Ivan then cast a spell attempting to break the man’s arms. The man doubled over in pain and was promptly pushed back into his vehicle. The vehicle took off across the bridge, and the Warlord of Detroit escaped. As the Magi began to contemplating cleaning up this mess, the DPD showed up. One of the soldiers flashed a fake FBI badge and the lead officer bought the story. The city cleaned up the mess and towed the crippled fleet of vehicles.

Afterward, Ivan went out on the town, while Moonpie flew over the island on surveillance. Moonpie spotted the ghost woman again and flew in to investigate. She journeyed into the woods until the ghost ceased to appear, at which point, Moonpie discovered two goblins talking in the woods. She returned to the Covenant and, after some persuasion, convinced Miguel, Preston, Boris and two soldiers to accompany her to the spot she had discovered the goblins. When they got there, the goblins were gone, but when they tried to proceed deeper into the woods, two goblins appeared out of no-where and attacked the group. The goblins were severely outmatched, falling easily to the group. They continued deeper into the woods until they came to the clearing where Moonpie had encountered the goblins eight nights previous. This time there were four goblins accompanied by a larger red goblin. The red goblin held a stick planted in the ground that looked to be forcing the ghost woman toward it. The soldiers fired killing two goblins and Boris rushed the red goblin, trying to snatch the staff from the red goblin. The red goblin moved swiftly, pulling the staff out of Boris’s reach and suddenly disappeared. The soldiers dispatched the other two goblins. At this point Preston cast a spell to compel the spirit of the dead goblin to speak to them. They discovered that the red goblin was the Nain Rouge and that he was using the staff to try and trap the ghost woman and use her energy for a purpose having to do with Wendigo, at the behest of a mysterious council. They then used a similar technique to question the ghost woman. She revealed that she has some sort of connection to the daughter of Sleeping Bear, but specifics were hard to pin point as the spirit was wrapped to tightly in her own grief and turmoil. Lastly the group attempted to contact Sleeping Bear’s daughter directly, but were unable to establish communication.

Welcome to Detroit

The Magi of Belle Isle Covenant all came together for the first time today, to investigate their new home and begin laying plans for the direction of the new covenant. They determined that their first season will be spent sharing knowledge with each other and future covenant members by writing various manuals on subjects as chosen by each person in the covenant. They also divvied up the space in the boathouse and developed a plan for remodeling the structure to suit their needs.

This first meeting came to an abrupt end when a boat approached the docks outside the new building. There was gunfire from the approaching boat and Moonpie took the form of her heart-beast and flew out the window. The other Magi waited as Jobs’s security squad quickly dispatched the men in the boat.

As the the boat was being retrieved for a closer examination, Moonpie spotted another figure standing in the treeline across from the boathouse. She flew down for a closer examination and discovered that the figure was a ghost beckoning her into the forest. Moonpie followed the ghostly woman into the forest until the apparition disappeared among the trees. Just as Moonpie was beginning to turn back, she heard voices in the forest and decided to investigate.

Meanwhile, the other Magi examined the contents of the boat. Inside were four rough looking men armed with two assault rifles and four boxes filled with bricks of heroine. The Magi destroyed the bodies and the drugs.

Moonpie came upon three squat bipedal creatures in the woods; trying to force a stick into the cold ground. One of them noticed Moonpie and decided that she would satisfy his hunger, about which he had been complaining. Moonpie transformed back into her human form, but the creature was not dissuaded. So, Moonpie cast a spell and entangled the creature in webs. The other two creatures fled the display of power, and Moonpie decided to drag her captive back to the covenant for further questioning.

The other Magi heard the creature’s commotion as Moonpie approached the boathouse and went to the front to see what was causing the ruckus. They questioned the captive to which they only received screams and threats about what would happen to them if the creature was not freed. Miguel used an Intelligo Mentem spell to read the creatures thoughts and discovered that it was sent by the Nain Rogue, the Red Dwarf of Detroit. The creature continued screaming until Jobs decided he had had enough, at which point he ordered his security detail to dispatch the creature.

The Magi decided to see if they could find the other goblins. They found evidence of more of the creatures but their trail ended at the river where the goblins had fled across it into Detroit.

Next session scheduled for Oct. 29 at 12:00pm

Ivan's Journal Summer 2011
Ivans journal

I’ve passed my Gauntlet. I am now a Magus, but there is no room here in Seattle for another Magus. My master has made arrangements for me to take part ownership of the Detroit Covenant. It seems I will count among my new Sodalis, Moonpie Jackson and Jobs. I met them at their Gauntlet a few scant weeks ago. I had assisted my master with the arrangements for getting Moonpie a position at Detroit.

I’ve begun packing my few personal belongings to prepare for the move to Detroit. I know very little about the city itself, save that it is in a state of advanced decay. I’ve sent Boris ahead to make arrangements for us while the actual Covenant grounds and buildings are determined. He wasn’t very happy with me when I gave him his budget for his own office. He kept grumbling that he would get a better office space if he was a grog. He just doesn’t understand that the work that he does for me, and soon the covenant, is much different than what the grogs I have found do. Thankfully he will only grumble so much and make all the arrangements necessary.

I’ve made arrangements for Boris and I at the MGM Grand in downtown Detroit until the housing situation is determined. That should more than make up for the crappy office space he is getting stuck with. Where to house the security firm is another matter. I would rather have it placed in the upscale commercial area, but I will leave that decision to Jobs. I know I am not completely versed in where that venture’s clientele will come from.

I am very excited to be starting out in my own covenant, but all the unknowns are so daunting.

City and Character Creation

We started off using the Dresden Files RPG Method of creating the city (in our case Detroit). It was a lot of fun and we fleshed out the city pretty well. Mythic Detroit will be full of vampires (we decided on two types of vampire reminiscent of the black and white courts from the _Dresden Files _), werewolves, seelie and unseelie faeries, etc.. We then turned to character generation.

Due to the experimental nature of the game, some modifications to the character generation process were made, however this brainstorming process took some time to iron out the particulars of the process. Everyone has their character ideas and backgrounds but work still needs to be done spending skill and refresh points.

On Oct. 15, we will reconvene and complete character generation, and then we will see what the future holds for the Belle Isle Covenant.


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